Some of my favorite parts of Oklahoma City

A little over a week ago I packed the last of my belongings into the car and drove away from Oklahoma City. I was incredibly excited for the adventure which lay ahead of me in England, but  was feeling some sadness as I crossed the Oklahoma county line. I’ve really loved my time in OKC and I would be remiss if I didn’t post about some of my favourite things to see, eat and do there. Hopefully current OKC residents and future visitors will be able to explore the city the way I have.

A view from the top: blog2Don’t miss the view of downtown from the top of Devon Tower. It is really a beautiful sight from the Vast restaurant. I’ve never had the food, but we went for the drinks and the view and it was worth the trip.

The creative and artistic: Don’t miss exploring the many art festivals offered both annually and weekly in OKC. Some of my picks:

okc artsOKC Festival of the Arts an annual event with a variety of artists from all over the world along with some of the best festival food tents available.

paseoFirst Friday Gallery Walk on the Paseo a weekly event which is best to enjoy when the weather is just warm enough. I love the restaurants on the Paseo and all of the galleries open their doors for some lovely window shopping and gallery walk throughs.

PlazaLive on the Plaza another weekly event with live outdoor music and lots of fun shops to browse.

The eateries I love:

I’ll probably miss a few, but here are the restaurants I’ll always hit when I visit OKC!

iron Iron Starr – I love their veggie entree. When you can get creamy mac and cheese, fried okra, dutch oven sweet potatoes and jalapeno cornbread you really don’t need BBQ pork to make it better. Their bbq sauce is just the right amount of sweet with a kick and their bloody mary is one of my favourite in the city because of the addition of their signature bbq sauce in the drink.

queen Queen of Sheba – Before this restaurant I had never had the pleasure of trying Ethiopian food. This restaurant was introduced to Patrick and I by some dear friends and its always promises a delicious feast. They serve traditional dishes usually family style and you get an authentic experience by eating with your hands.

dhaba Truck Stop Indian or Dhaba OKC – I love, love, love this restaurant and can’t recommend it enough. I call it the Truck Stop Indian restaurant because it is literally in a truck stop. The food is incredible and my favourite dishes are the malai kofta and the paneer tikka masala. The proportions are very generous and I could usually stretch a take out order to last me several meals.

bttBig Truck Tacos – I’m a big fan of the crispy ‘cado taco at Big Truck. They have really delicious queso which I like to mix with a sweet and spicy salsa made with dried fruits and habaneros.

OKC was an exciting city to live in and my experience there has blessed me with wonderful memories and friends for a lifetime. Here are my other favourite parts of OKC:

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