Veggie pizza on an herb pizza crust – bonus, it’s gluten free and vegan!

Gf herb pizza crust
I LOOOOOOVE pizza! I love the chewy crust, the tang of garlic, the melted cheese and the rich sauce. In a perfect world I wouldn’t get bloated with stomach cramps from wheat or have skin irritations and stomach issues caused by cheese. In a perfect world I would eat pizza everyday and never see any negative effects on my health. Alas – my world is not perfect. So, I still eat pizza. I eat the dairy and wheat stuff every so often, but it is still very few and far between. In the space between waiting for the next piece of pizza I’ve been tinkering with some alternative recipes which I can have more often without the negative health effects. 🙂 yay! I made this pizza about a year ago when I first began flirting with vegan and alternative recipes. I decided to experiment one Friday night when Patrick and I had decided to stay in and have a movie and beer night. He agreed with me – this pizza turned out veggie-delicious considering what it was missing! It helps to have someone to taste test with you who is really supportive and has an iron stomach just in case ;0).

For the crust I used this recipe from Local Betty. It calls for xanthan gum (I omitted it) and various GF flours. I only used the GF flour baking mix I had on hand, which already has xanthan gum in it – hence the reason for my omission! It also calls for an egg (also omitted) and some cheese. I included soy cheese I had purchased for the topping instead of the parmesan cheese suggested. I know what you’re thinking – I changed it up quite a bit. But – in my defense, I’m lazy and I was in a rush to make us some delicious pizza. The sauce was my own recipe. Tomato paste, agave nectar, salt, pepper, onion salt, minced garlic (I pile on the garlic), lots of Italian seasonings, basil, etc. Then came the toppings: all the veggies you can think of. Tomatoes, peppers, olives, broccoli, onions: I pretty much just grabbed handfuls of everything we had on hand. I then topped it with some delicious vegan cheese. I had picked a mixture of cheddar and mozzarella which I think gave it some nice variety.

Word of advice – I cooked my crust until it was a golden brown before topping it with anything. That prevented the crust from getting too soggy once the sauce and pasta were added. Voila – a delicious pizza piled high with veggies and on a crunchy on the outside chewy on the inside GF crust! Mission accomplished 🙂

Vegan Pizza

Has anyone else had any luck attempting a gluten-free pizza crust? What do you like? Do you get as annoyed as I do at the complicated recipes out there? Share your questions and triumphs with me, I’d love to hear them!